Transnational Queer Underground

Transnational Queer Underground (TQU) is an online platform for people to discover, connect, and engage with creative queer people and activists around the world. Until the end of 2017 we have an open call for OUR_STORY. Formats can be short stories, poems, book excerpts, interviews, diary entries, documentaries, comics and what else you can think of. Submissions can be in writing, video or audio. Accepted submissions will be published online on TQU. We are also planning on publishing an anthology in 2018. For more information please visit:
The Wild Word

The Wild Word is an online arts/culture/politics magazine that loves creative people.
We are a forum for people with passion to showcase their work, to get their voices heard, to collaborate, to experiment, to create. We welcome submissions from writers, artists, photographers, painters, musicians, or for anyone with something to say, for all aspects of the magazine.
Our monthly fiction and poetry submissions are themed, but if you have something you think would be a good fit for us, you can submit it to us anytime at Or check out our submissions page to see more about what we’re looking for and how we’d like to get it:

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