Thick in Things

Image © Jane Akweley Odartey 2017


by Jane Akweley Odartey August 7, 2018

if things happen like thick happenings
can it, adding first the nuts. loads of the nuts.
of course the squirrels are obvious too
obviously fur rabbits to even affect effect
ok love. just scoop some extra from a hart.
if things happen in thinning happenings
if happenings like happy thinning
let’s be loafers of loaves of laugh.
ok love. of course i thought it but too
obviously misunderstood too lovingly.
if things happen like…give me a pig king’s break!
what a heck in the happening? thick! think!!
what is he doing here? what extra?
are you hearing things? noise-nois-noi! i
have said nada about next stars.
ok love. let’s just call it the day.



Jane Akweley Odartey is a Ghanaian-American poet, writer, photographer, artisan and a local Teaching Artist at the Queens Museum. She blogs at and her verse is forthcoming or has appeared in Clarion Magazine, Cosmonauts Avenue, Amarillo Bay and elsewhere.

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