pretty blonde american lady

Image © Natalie Duran 2016


by Julia Kinu November 22, 2016


her eyelashes resembled little tooth picks,
long and blonde and sharp.
she always told me

keep your wings to a point;
that way, you become
your own weapon.

her nails daggered black
pinned down on enemy touch,
and i asked her

why does this tube
of pink pepper spray
keep me safe?

her stare slumped
stripping my boney wrists.
she replied

devouring raw meat and bloody eggs
doesn’t make you strong.
it gives you salmonella.


Julia Kinu is a Japanese-American writer. She is originally from San Diego, California and now lives in Tucson, Arizona studying creative writing and poetry at the University of Arizona.

Natalie Duran:
“What’s up, I’m Natalie, I’m 19 years young and I’m here to party.”


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