& when i jump the sky will catch me

Image © ​E. Spear 2017


by Kathryne David Gargano August 3, 2017

the last you’ll speak & the first my ever

after doesn’t look like you no hair no body i

wake myself with walking knife to the edge

& if i jump i didn’t fall / this dress too long

fabric trap around my ankles / here are my

knees are they everything you imagined? / i

chew through my organs spit out my skin

these teeth won’t hold a gown & thread this

dead wife this throat this cunt away the

hours i spent at your language / milk in the

marble moon / i build a boat out of crater &

dress my shadow backwards / pull the

corset taut i’ll come apart / bury my mouth

at the river



Kathryne hails from the Pacific Northwest, but isn’t very good at climbing trees. She recently graduated with her MFA in Poetry from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, and has been published in CALYX, Perceptions, and Alchemy. Her work is forthcoming in Lavender Review, The Fem, Indicia, Heavy Feather Review, and The Colorado Review. You can find pictures of her three-legged pup on Instagram @peternelle3.

E. Spear is a selkie living far from the sea in Chicago.

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