directions on how to wield a machete

The Housewife Discovers Silence © Nicolette Daskalakis 2016


by Nicolette Daskalakis January 11, 2016

You are a bloody
mess that moves
with a machete at your side,
fit neatly between two ribs
walking distance
from your beast of a heart.

Don’t be alarmed.
This is quite safe.

You’re a far enough distance away
to take your time
and pictures, if you like
(no flash, please).

You may begin to feel faint
from the loss of blood
stay calm
and don’t make a fuss
or any large movements.

Just think of all the dinner party stories you’ll have
oh won’t it be wonderful?
Come on, come on, step lightly now,
(on account of the land mines)
There’s so much to see and such little time,
you may collapse any minute now in this heat.

Come quickly,
we saved you
the best seat in the house.

The show starts in five minutes,
make sure your machete is properly secured
deep into your side.

Nicolette Daskalakis is an award-winning filmmaker, poet, and multi-media artist residing in Los Angeles. She received a BA in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and a minor in Intermedia Arts from the Roski School of Art and Design. She is the author of because you’re now banging a French girl (2015) and All The Boys I Never Kissed (2016). Her work, fueled by copious amounts of dark chocolate and Icelandic ambient music, can be viewed at


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