Image © Caitlin Sacks 2019


by Daniela Olszewska April 12, 2019


I’ve got trees. Tiny trees. I wear them in a bracelet.

Everyone comments on how clever I am.

I am not clean. Nuclear energy disgusts me.

My intestines glow in the dark. It’s embarrassing.

I can’t consume anything

that has dairy in it. Moo. Nut milk is making me
fat, even by local standards.

I store everything inside or right on the borders of inside and outside.

Being very good at just the one or two things is strange. It throws off your sense

of perspective. Everything’s genius or failure. Even breakfast.

What if god created us
to be food?

I went around for five years thinking

that the phrase Eat the rich
was from the Bible.

I am not well

Educated, but I am good
at nodding thoughtfully. My head is full of thoughts.



Poet Daniela ODaniela Olszewska is the author of several books of poetry and short prose. She identifies as a Chicagoan and a Capricorn. Her website can be found here:


Caitlin Sacks HeadshotCaitlin Sacks is an artist who grew up in the small and humble town of Los Angeles. She’s currently the lead designer at Red Hen Press, a nonprofit literary organization. Her work has been featured on twelve covers so far, and counting. Other skills include being an animal whisperer, a mediocre tarot reader, and judging cups of coffee too hard. She also works about 5 other jobs but that’s neither here nor there. If you’d like to do some light stalking, check out