Image © ​Madge Maril 2017


by Chelsea Tadeyeske December 12, 2017


i remember being fascinated by the fact
that sharks are older than trees
and made up entirely of cartilage
half as dense as bone

when i push down on your skin
i can see the muscles underneath shift
and it makes it seem like
i could re-arrange you

sometimes we’ll fuck and fuck and fuck
because we know what pain is
and i won’t clean myself after
so i can smell it on me later

someone asked me once
the first time i felt 
my age
why i wasn’t

told me i rated my pain 

way lower
than any man

it made me feel
half as dense as bone
older than a tree



Chelsea Tadeyeske is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she publishes books and journals under the moniker pitymilk press. Her chapbooks if you bend it backwards nothing really happens and we’re all born with the right to be angry were recently published by Rabbit Catastrophe Press and bathmatics, respectively. She is a Virgo sun/Aquarius moon/Libra rising born in the year of the snake.


Madge Maril is a robot, illustrator, poet, and noisemaker based in Ohio.

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