On the Topic of the Empty Spaces on Our Cold Backs

Image © Hamzah Jhaveri 2015


by Hamzah Jhaveri January 3, 2017


That’s where they’ll put my wings, I

replied. What’re yours for? That’s

where mine used to be

he said and

drove away in his black

convertible car because the

wind reminded him of God’s breath.


Hamzah Jhaveri is a 17-year-old poet, artist, and high school student from Orlando, Florida. He has had no previous publications but is currently finalizing his first chapbook. Aside from writing poetry, he is the founder and president of the not-for-profit organization Islamic Artists of Orlando, which aims at combatting islamophobia in Central Florida by showcasing contemporary, Islamic-themed artwork. His own artwork ranges from sculpture to film. He and his organization staff are currently curating their first art exhibition.


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