The Blood

Louise Riley’s Vagina © Ambika Thompson 2016


by Niina Pollari January 22, 2016

When I go to sleep in a house
I know I’m gonna be a goblin
As in the night, in all homes
I always wake myself up starting to bleed
On the good thread­count sheet
The symbol of it in dreams
So boring to talk about dreams
But blood, that tiresome perennial
In the dream
I leave blood on each chair that I sit in
A web trails from me when I get up, forever
It’s tied to me like an immaculate dove
Tied to the ear of Mary the Jesus Mom
The walk I’m walking in my dream
Makes a lengthening gunk from me to my chair
I’m a nastyish goblin
But it feels so significant
That I guess you could say it’s a wet dream



Niina Pollari is a poet in Brooklyn. Her first book, DEAD HORSE, came out from Birds, LLC in 2015, and this poem is from it. She also translated Tytti Heikkinen’s The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal (Action Books, 2012.) You can find her recent work at LA Review of Books, Pinwheel, and Sixth Finch. She tweets at

Ambika Thompson likes bright, shiny objects. She’s also the fiction editor of L & L, a writer and 1/2 of the riot grrl cello duo Razor Cunts.

More of Louise Riley’s artwork can be seen at


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