The Moon Rose Up On Its Tinfoil Bed

Image © Kathryn Corlett 2015


by Darryl Price December 21, 2015


and floated along with
us like it was attached
with a string. I thought that
meant we had a boat in
case of emergencies
but she said it was sad

to see it following
in our wake like a cork.
I still think it looked every
bit the stylish silver-
capped swimmer doing
the backhanded tango.

There was no noticeable
splash, ever, but it
did come apart in several
glowing pieces
whenever it hit the
tallest trees, only to

pull itself back into
an almost perfect circle,
albeit a mostly
wobbly one, instantly,
upon clearing
the branches. By midnight

we were the ones dangling
beneath magnetized toes
and being borne along
like a couple of hair
pins. I had to laugh. Your
scarf was covered in dust.




Darryl Price has published dozens of chapbooks, and his poems have appeared in many journals.

Kathryn Corlett is a freelance illustrator, designer, television expert, font geek, sci-fi obsessive, tech dork, coffee addict, folk listener, aspiring CAMRA member, cyclist, lasagna maker and comfort appreciator.


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