Travail préparatoire : conversations pornographiques _ Avril 2017.1

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by Sophie Blais September 19, 2018

(English follows)

Travail préparatoire : conversations pornographiques _ Avril 2017.1

Mange ma fille, mange salope !
Le porno c’est comme les films de super-héros, et __
j’ai mis mes tétons dans l’agrafeuse en écoutant
cette pépite, mais puisque tu ne bandes pas
j’me débine.

Personne ne veut d’mon boudin ? Chérie !
My hands are tied​ et je voudrais manger boire et baiser.
Je vous offre mon coeur… et cinq Louis.
Donc. Bah, en fait. On a envie de baiser tout l’monde.
Mais si l’orgasme est simulé, aucun problème, c’est de
l’art, si non c’est du porno.

Touche touche, je suis toute mouillée. J’ai faim !
Oh ! la crevette ! la moule ouverte.
Je me suis trouvée moche à crier comme une débile et
à me dire que je n’aimais pas ma voix. Je crois que les
hommes font quelque chose quand ils parlent.

On revient dans une grande ville et on est assailli par
des culs. Au fond la pornographie c’est la mise à nu si
j’ose dire sans la médiation d’aucune histoire, d’aucun
scénario. Donc. Bah, en fait. On a envie de baiser tout
l’monde. Toute l’expression d’une époque.


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Extrait entrevue à ​Jack Lang, législation des films pornographiques


Preparatory work: pornographic conversations _ April 2017.1

Eat little girl, eat bitch!

Porn is like superhero movies, and __
I put my nipples in the stapler while listening
to this nugget, but since you don’t get a hard on
I’m out of here

Nobody wants my sausage? Sweetheart!
My hands are tied and I would like to eat drink and
fuck. I offer you my heart … and five Louis.
So. Well, actually. We want to fuck the whole world.
But if the orgasm is simulated, no problem—it’s
art; if not—it’s porn.

Touch, touch, I’m all wet. I’m hungry!
Oh! the shrimp! the open mussel.
I found myself ugly screaming like a moron and
I did not like my voice. I believe that
men do something when they speak.

We come back to a big city and we are attacked by
asses. In the end, pornography is the laying bare, I dare say,
without the mediation of any story, of any
scenario. So. Well, actually. We want to fuck
the whole world. The whole expression of an era.

(Translation from the head, JF)


Work preparation: conversations
in pornography

Eat my girl, eat slippery!

The porno is from the films of superheroes, and
I have made up my mind with fieldwork and other
small lessons, but apart from you the bandits don’t
doubt me.

People are not my own small dishes? Dearest!
My hands are tied and I want to eat liquid and
mouths. I offer my heart…and Louis the Fifth.
Damn. Bah, it fits. Once upon a time the mouths were all the world.
But the orgasm is a simulation, another problem—this is
art, this is not a porno.

Touch me, touch me, I am all the mussels. I am hungry!
Oh! the shell! the open mussel.
I am travelling with a debilitated heart and
it is dire that I have never seen myself. I can tell from
a man’s writing which language he speaks.

We stay in the big town and we are the assailants of
dead ends. A found pornography—this is misery and
joy without the mediation of another history. Another
scenario. Damn. Bah, it fits. Once upon a time the mouths were all
the world. All the expressions of an age.

(Translation from the heart, JF)


translations by Jane Flett

Sophie Blais (1986)
Sophie was born in France and live/work in Catalonia/Spain, where she is taking care of Can Serrat, a self-funded community project, with Georgina Teixidor, Sarah Goodchild Robb, Anne Tone Lie and Anna Pahissa. Usually, she loses her ideas while writing in many notebooks a the time, lately about shame, displacement, pornography, immortality, victorian love __ education related. Mostly long titles and flash fiction.

Lita (Life is Torturing Awesome) is a researcher of a looney parade. Randomly packaged, professionally trained, Lita craves the meaning and quality in the corporeal chaos. By whatever means she portrays vulnerability and serves the painful existence contradictions with bloody social sauce on vibrant garnish of disappointment. For dessert dare to try genital custard biased cake with a disgust crust. Enjoy harder! and/or instagram:

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