Gonzo Feline Dream

Image © William Andrew Brewer 2017


by Heather Lee Rogers April 25, 2017

The cat will only
eat ballerinas now
I brought home
just one tutu
and her blood lust
laid it down
like sunsets in soup cans
our supply hits
hot rod tail spins
so we roar off
through all deserts
breaking cardinal laws
speeding records
principals of physics
she smokes and tells me
we should only eat
what we can catch
sets her iphone GPS
to the nearest grand ballet
I let her drive, kick back
and drink a rootbeer float
as time drifts off
in melted desert skies.



Heather Lee Rogers tells stories as both a writer and an actor in NYC. Recent poetry publications have included: Harbinger Asylum (online and in print), Here Comes Everyone (online and in print in the U.K.), The Rat’s Ass Review (online, upcoming in print), S/Tick (online), Waterways (in print), Adanna Literary Journal (in print), and Jersey Devil Press (online). Upcoming: El Portal (in print). More of her work can be read at www.heatherleerogerspoetry.weebly.com

William Andrew Brewer is currently an actor in NYC. Past creative lives have included a career as a metal welder and being the lead singer and graphic artist for the band Lethal Rejection.

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