from Goth Waitress

Image © Tom Moore 2016


by  Maggie Millner March 21, 2016


Some kind of gravy river
            running up me
bringing boats.
            Distance is an aphrodisiac:
it makes you ultimate
            and soft.
I go around these days
            like a book dropped
from a low height
            or a lone oat
or a lid.
            Sad as a washcloth
and classic like a glass
            of milk
and homesick for a place
            I’ve only seen
on shirts.

Maggie Millner lives and writes in Central California. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Prelude Magazine, TYPO Magazine, Sonora Review, and elsewhere.

Tom Moore works with Lost History & Found Flowers, Low Spectacle & High Fashion, New Monsters & Old Hollywood, True Crime & False Lashes, Fresh Guts & Worn Clichés, Breaking Hearts & Accelerating BPM. Drawing is séance. Film is spell casting.
They have exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the ICA. Their films have been screened at the London Independent Film Festival and Donau Festival. And they sing with The Eyelashes.

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