Loneliest Bus in San Antonio

Image © Misti Rainwater-Lites 2015


by Misti Rainwater-Lites November 30, 2015

All the gingerbread children
are coupled and proving it
so snug and smug in hands and smirks.
Eyes glued to electric rectangles.
Out the window the lights of San Antonio
say go cowgirl go.
Ride it to the trailer park
ride it to the park and ride
ride it to hell
ride it to Mexico
the bus you were born to inhabit
with cobwebbed eyes
and dirty fingers.
Suck the candy cane
like only you can.
You suck you suck.
Prove it harder.
Once upon a Kia Spectra.
Once upon a Chevy Caprice.
Once upon a bicycle won
on Bozo show.
When you’ve spent more than a couple
of nights in Seymour, Texas
you’ve won
you’ve earned it
you’ve paid
your fucking dues.
Stare the fake ass motherfuckers down.
Windex at the ready.


Misti Rainwater-Lites has considered all the angles of suicide. Shit. Life is harder than algebra. Misti finds solace in painting a board then nailing a Barbie to it then writing a poem about the experience. She blogs at Chupacabra Disco. http://dondeestaeldiscochupacabra.blogspot.de/


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