Image © Ronny Rose 2019

by Ronny Rose September 19, 2019

i ate the holy parts
sacrament tastes better
out of turn
grinding my body of christ
against her pelvis
against the pestle
against this blade
lines off mirrors
lines on skin
the mourning star cried
just wanting a father
now i cook pieces of god’s body
to find out the flavored nuance
of pairing degradation as salvation
i as a cook
am as clever
as i am
as a gardener
eating apples in a salt marsh
barefoot with my snakes


Ronny Rose is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Starting from a background in performance art, his work has developed to incorporate photography, film, writing, and painting, and he opts for the medium that best fits each project. Ronny’s work touches on themes around trauma, addiction, the human condition, and our relationships to the spaces in which we live. To see more of his work go to www.ronnyrose.com.