Let me tell you a story

Image © Annebé Brouwer 2015


by Ariane Mass December 7, 2015

about a small coddled town
that looks like trinkets strewn
beside stripes of corn and wheat,
where furious creatures eat crusty fried
lutefisk fingers in hokey taverns.

Cunningham and Caroline
zigzag across mossy mounds,
hair wafting rosemary
leaving coin trails in their wake.

Angels eat angel food
Devils eat devil food
& everyone else eats
snow-drift cake.

The ladies only
order petit fours
& pastel macaroons
from Savannah, only
b u t t e r s c o t c h
& s a l t c a r a m e l.

The gentlemen only wear
shiny spandex rainbow,
only pop lavender lemon
crumpets on penny-farthings.


When it feels like everything
you own is falling off
a rickety wooden chairlift
into tiny fires marching
up the mountain

invite all of the bears you know
to put on their daintiest petticoats &
tango with moonshine.




Ariane Mass spent most of her life in New York City before escaping to Northfield, Minnesota, where she completed her B.A. in English Literature at Carleton College. She received distinction and The Sigrid Erling Larsen Award for “Ventriloquated,” a collection of poetry for her creative writing thesis. Currently, she’s living in northern France, where she’s been teaching English, studying French, and translating for the animal rights organization One Voice. When she is not hanging upside down, she is probably thinking about how to be right-side up.

Annebé Brouwer is a Dutch graduate student studying digital media in Madrid. She loves to play music and take photographs.


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