Orange Floats

Image © Laura Manardo 2017


by Laura Manardo May 10, 2017

According to scientists, the butterfly koi do not feel pain,
do not linger on the pulled knuckle hairs
of their fathers. According to them, butterfly koi do not feel the zip
of the blade through the mouth,
the esophagus, the way I feel your zip
through mine. I feel your sharp blade through scales.
And you cannot bleed
like I bleed.
You cannot suck on your own red
through the fresh water’s shore.
I dip my toes in ponds and dream
of touching you again. Your lips slide over
my shine. Meet me by the salt water’s edge. I’ll let you slip
koi after koi out of your pocket. Orange floats.
Salt meets me the same way it always does.
You came inside of me
once. Dropped anchor and left
it there.


Laura Manardo is a midwestern raised, beluga whale loving 24-year-old with a passion for poetry and all things mint green. She is a Michigan transplant currently living in Chicago. You can find some of her previously published works in Mulberry Fork Review, Donut Factory Press, and Lotus-Eater Magazine. Keep up with her on Instagram to see plant babies and bath bombs: @moresangria.

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